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Volunteer and childThanks to the generosity of our sponsors, thousands of children receive the food, shelter and education that they desperately need. We invite you to experience first-hand the difference that sponsorship makes in the life of a child. As a sponsor you may choose to support a boy or girl of any age living at a Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH, Spanish for "Our Little Brothers and Sisters") home.Your friendship will show a child that he or she is loved - your financial support will protect his or her future for years to come.
What Sponsors Receive

  • A welcome letter from the NPH
  • A photo of the child
  • Personal history of the child
  • An annual school progress report

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Building Projects

Dominican Republic

2016 project dates:

  • January 15th - January 29th - Team Leader: Father Jacque (Cornwall Area) - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • January 31st - February 7th - Team Leader: Carmine Nigro (Mississauga Area) - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • February 7th - February 14th - Team Leader: Carmine Nigro (Mississauga Area) - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • February 12th - February 19th - Team Leader: Alain Chayer (Ottawa Catholic School Board) - FULL
  • February 19th - February 26th - Team Leaders: Terry Donaghy and Peter Ingram (Guelph Catholic School Board) - FULL
  • February 26th - March 11th - Team Leader: MacPherson (Truro, Nova Scotia) - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • March 11th - March 18th - Team Leader: Gordie Putton (Cornwall Catholic School Board) - FULL
  • March 18th - April 1st - Team Leaders: Terry Donaghy and Peter Ingram (Guelph Catholic School Board) - FULL


2015 Project Dates:

  • October 16 to 30th - Team Leader - Andy Ross - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • October 30 to  November 13th - Team Leader - Robert LeClair - SPACE AVAILABLE


2016 Project Dates

  • January 15 - January 29 - Team 1 - NI-01-16 - 30 seats available - general construction and maintenance - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • January 29 - February 14 - Team 2 - NI-02-16  - 30 seats available -   SPACE AVAILABLE    Medical and construction - require medical personnel as well as non-medical support people.  (Please follow links to COMMIT web-site to learn the accomplishments of  the COMMIT team from previous projects. COMMIT web-site active as of today:   commitwithfotocannicaragua.simplesite.com)  Please note - If contributing to FOTOCAN for the medical mission (COMMIT) please quote/write/use code NI-02MED-16 for all payments made by cash, cheque or credit card.
  • February 26 -  March 11 - Team 3 - NI-03-16 - 30 seats available - general construction and maintenance - SPACE AVAILABLE
  • March 11 - March 25 - Team 4 - NI-04-16 - 30 seats available - student team (March Break) - adults welcome - SPACE AVAILABLE


2015 Project Dates

Available project dates to be posted in the near future.

St. Damien, Pediatric Hospital

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

  • Plagued by both political instability and natural disasters, most people are unemployed and survive on less than $2 a day.
  • 138,000 children die of preventable diseases each year.
  • 1 out of 4 children is moderately to severely malnourished.
  • The current Cholera epidemic has caused 8,000 deaths.

St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Funded through private contributions to NPH worldwide provides high quality medical treatment for disadvantaged and sick children in Haiti. More than half of all patients are admitted for an infectious disease such as tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV while 25% are admitted for non-infectious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and kidney infection. Most patients admitted are also malnourished. The outpatient clinic treats 100 children daily, for acute, parasitic, and bacterial infections. In specialized clinics, chronic conditions such as sickle cell anemia, congenital heart diseases (CHD), tuberculosis and cancer are treated for months or years if needed. St. Damien Pediatric Hospital and associated public health programs of NPFS reach over 80,000 children annually.
The number of patients that St Damien has treated has tripled since the devastating 2010 earthquake, an increase of 60,000 children annually. Due to lack of funding, we risk turning away 30,000 children.

You can help save the life of a child.


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